Legal Professional

Prathamesh D Popat started his career as a Counsel in the Chambers of Aspandiar P Chinoy. He had his first brush with Mediation around 1997. He took some initial trainings in India and thereafter some basic & advanced trainings as also Accreditation as a Mediator from LEADR (now 'Resolution Institute'), a peak dispute resolution organization in Australia. Thereafter, he has taken several advanced trainings from institutions across the globe and is now also an IMI Certified Mediator. He pursues his mediation practice in his proprietory concern, 'Prachi Mediation Chambers', based in Mumbai.

Being on several Mediators’ Panels, he does private as well as court-annexed mediations. He is also trained as a mediators’ trainer and hence conducts, on invitation, a variety of training workshops in mediation for courts, colleges, corporates, law firms, non-profit and other organizations. Periodically, he also organizes Study Circle sessions on topics concerning Mediation at the Indian Merchants' Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Prathamesh is an author of a book titled 'Mediation & Conciliation' and has contributed to a few other international books on Mediation.