Legal Professional

Chitra Narayan is a lawyer and a mediator with the Tamil Nadu Mediation and Conciliation Centre annexed to the Madras High Court since its inception in 2005. She is a co-founder of Foundation for Comprehensive Dispute Resolution (FCDR), an organisation providing mediation training and mediation services in Chennai. Chitra is also an accredited mediator with the ADR Group U.K.

Chitra has over 20 years’ experience in corporate commercial law – both in transaction advisory and dispute resolution, which she brings to support her work in mediation and conciliation. Chitra is a specialist editor of the 18th Edition of A. Ramaiya – Guide to the Companies Act (2015), C.R.Datta on the Company Law, 7th edition (2016), and Pollock and Mulla - The Indian Contract and Specific Relief Acts (2017).